Three Mistake of My Life

Three Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat PDF Free Download

Three Mistakes of My Life
Three Mistakes of My Life

Author: Chetan Bhagat
Price: Rs 95
Publishers: Rupa
Published in 2008

Author Introduction

Three Mistakes of My Life By chetan Bhagat is one of the most prominent selling book In India as Well as in other countries like USA, Britain etc.

Chetan Bhagat one of the finest Author who had written many novels like One Indian Girl, 2 States including, Three Mistakes of My Life etc. The best part is that It is one of the top most novel book in the Indian market history.

The Book Three Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat. describe stories of three characters Omi’s Ishaan and Govind which you will be reading in short review below .

Three Mistakes of My Life Review!

The best-selling feature of Chetan Bhagat’s book is its readability. In a world where someone is constantly trying to get time, it really matters when you can actually finish reading a book within one-two hours. Also, while he is not getting very filmy and over-the-top, Chetan really captures a story well.

This five point Someone and One Night At a Call Center was evident with both. The former in particular works as an excellent satire on the education system in my view.

Chetan’s third book, Three Mistakes of My Life begins in the same effective way as his two books.

But unlike the other two, it appears to be coming from a very distant middle and then simply becomes irrelevant.

Eventually Three Mistakes of My Life is a story of three young people who dream big. The hero of the tale is Govind. Like every youth of Gujarat – where the story is set – his dream is to become a successful businessman.

He joins hands with his close friends Ish and Omi to open a shop selling cricket equipment.

Omi’s family helps him get a rented space outside a temple, and soon the place is a hit for the locals. Chetan’s greatest strength as a writer is his ability to create interesting settings and situations.

Moving forward, Ishan makes a big choice to destroy the ball six times with a magical ball to a local Muslim boys, Ali. Living with the regret of making it himself, Ishan decided to train a 12-year-old child.

Strangely, the lads themselves are least interested in cricket, but Ishaan and his friends take him to train himself not only for free, but at the suggestion of one of the Australian players to take him to Sydney They also suffer a lot.

There, Ali is given a contract on the condition that he only become theatrical lines with a 12-year bottleneck, such as an Australian citizen, ‘does that mean I can’t play for India?’ Again I do not want this! ‘Go away.

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 Three Mistakes of My Life 

This is where the Three Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat begins to disintegrate and emerge over-the-top and melodically.

As long as the author only covers the Gujarat earthquake and it brings down the expectations of how the novel’s lead character Govind and Chetan attempts to mitigate a natural disaster with a personal disaster.

But it is hardly possible that both the Godhra episode and the following riots again have a direct impact on these characters.

The last few chapters are particularly hands-off. Chetan is known to be a big fan of Bollywood. He believes that like a Hindi film which should have action at the end. A novel should be enough for his blood and gore.

First of all, Bollywood itself is moving away from formula rents, so Chetan made the leap here. Secondly there is no emotional resonance or rationale for any violence in the temple. Whereby Hindus try to attack Ali with Ishaan and others try to save him.

It is never clear how much these youths are fussing over Ali. There is only one explanation – that he has been gifted. Why would anyone in his right mind take him to Australia or give his life? (yes, one of the young men dies while trying to protect the boy in order to preserve his talent!).

Any sympathy for him is not based on the fact that he is a Muslim nor does he protect him from any moral obligation.

Beside from the fact that he is a potential cricket great! Chetan’s motives are respectable but his nationalism and patriotic beliefs are very naive and simplistic.

Meanwhile, there is a love story between Govind and Ishan’s sister. Only lines of Omi spout like, ‘You can’t hit your friend’s sister. It’s an unwritten rule’ etc.

Honestly, I like this Three Mistakes of My Life book. It starts off well, the setting is good and it truly tries to give the reader a piece of small-town.

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