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One India Girl


About Author

One Indian Girl one of the most famous Indian novel book written by chetan bhagat. Let’s know about the book in details. Why is it that Indians enjoy a love-hate relationship with Chetan Bhagat? And quite frankly I don’t see why Chetan Bhagat is always trolled. He writes well and there must be some reason that his books always hit the bestseller charts despite numerous criticisms paving his way.

Critics Reviews!

His critics often forget that Chetan was the only person who popularized Indian fiction in India. In fact, “One Indian Girl” has been credited with breaking pre-order sales records on, since the site was first launched in 2013. So why is it that most of the reactions I get are “haha” when I post Facebook announcing that I’m excited to read her new novel? Well, I’ll never get it, I guess!

About Book

Moving towards the book, One Indian Girl is the story of a girl named Radhika Mehta, a hot-shot banker working at the prestigious investment bank, Goldman Sachs. Radhika, who at one time was as Nirav, has now agreed to marry Brijesh Gulati and has just arrived in Goa for her wedding.

But what Radhika does not know is that marrying Brijesh will not be as easy as she thought. Things happen and everything goes awry (I’m avoiding disclosing too much for spoilers), but will Radhika be able to maneuver to get out of this mess?

Read the book today to find out more and discover the fun journey that Radhika would like. An Indian girl felt like a chick-lit to me, though it could also be placed in the general fiction category by many.

The best part of the book is the fact that Radhika’s journey is as enjoyable and entertaining as a wedding can be. Chetan has done a commendable job of writing in the voice of a girl. The story is told from Radhika’s point of view and it is really hard to believe that a man could have written so realistically about a woman and her feelings (I read that she interviewed a lot of women for this). Although the book is stated on feminism, in the end, it follows the rules of normal girlhood.

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Therefore, for me, it did not emerge as a vigorous feminist book. There are some feminist things here and there, but mostly in the form of rent.

The plot is really interesting. While there are many elements, they all connect beautifully in the end. In one Indian girl the characters are also fun. I am sure every girl would love to read about Radhika and her misgivings in Lavika.

I also like the character of Debu and Neil but Brijesh’s character though failed to impress. The narration rapidly shifts from present to past and which adds to the pace of the book. In its entirety of 272 pages, the book did not slack off at one point. The best part of the book was its climax – it was completely unexpected and managed to surprise me completely.

So I recommend one Indian girl. This was a delightful read. My rating for the book is four and a half out of five stars and it all says.

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